Manish Kumar Singh

UC San Diego

Hi! I am Manish, curently a second year Masters student in CSE at UC San Diego. Currently, I am working under the supervision of Prof. Rose Yu on a project aimed at unsupervised relational inference in dynamically changing systems. I am interested in both the theoretical and applied aspects of machine learning. I am particularly excited about the applications of machine learning in dynamically evolving systems. I have also worked with Prof. Kamalika Chaudhuri on online learning. Prior to this I was a research fellow at Microsoft Research India working on graph representation learning in the Applied Machine Learning group.

My coursework involved working in applications of Machine Learning in areas like Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. I have also taken many theoretical courses in machine learning in order to understand the theoretical aspects of the area. Throughout my Machine Learning projects, I have extensively used PyTorch and TensorFlow. I am also well versed with C/C++ and Golang.

I received my Bachelors degree in Computer Science from IIT-BHU, Varanasi where I worked on image captioning in the presence of limited paired image-caption data for my bachelors thesis.